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At the present time Tundra is accepting very few unsolicited manuscripts, and none in the picture book genre. If, however, you have something that you feel is exceptional, you may send it by mail with a stamped, self-addressed envelope for its return. In your covering letter you should include your writing background and relevant credentials (published books, honors and awards). Please note that if postage is not provided there will be no response. Due to the large volume of submissions, the response time is long. We appreciate your patience.

Things to remember:
•  Do not bind your work - a paper clip or an elastic band is fine
•  Keep a copy of your manuscript. Although we make every effort to keep your manuscript safe, we can assume no responsibility for unsolicited work
•  Under no circumstances should you submit original art or the only copy of a manuscript or dummy. We can take no responsibility for such materials
• Normal wait time to receive a response takes at least 4-6 months
• An S.A.S.E. (self-addressed stamped envelope) must be included
•  American postage is NOT accepted
• No electronic submissions will be accepted
• If you are inquiring about your manuscript, e-mail tundra@mcclelland.com – no phone calls please!

Please note that we do not accept art submissions unless the quality of the work is of gallery standard.

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