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Asian Studies

bullet  A Child in Prison Camp  by Shizuye Takashima
bullet  The Children of China  by Song Nan Zhang
bullet  Cowboy on the Steppes  by Song Nan Zhang
bullet  Five Heavenly Emperors  by Song Nan Zhang
bullet  Houses of China  by Bonnie Shemie
bullet  A Little Tiger in the Chinese Night  by Song Nan Zhang
bullet  A Time of Golden Dragons   by Song Nan Zhang and Hao Yu Zhang, illustrations by Song Nan Zhang
bullet  West Coast Chinese Boy  by Sing Lim

Native Studies

bullet  Bones in the Basket  by C.J. Taylor
bullet  The Ghost and Lone Warrior  by C.J. Taylor
bullet  Houses of Adobe  by Bonnie Shemie
bullet  Houses of Bark  by Bonnie Shemie
bullet  Houses of Hide and Earth  by Bonnie Shemie
bullet  Houses of Snow, Skin and Bones  by Bonnie Shemie
bullet  Houses of Wood  by Bonnie Shemie
bullet  How Two-Feather Was Saved From Loneliness  by C.J. Taylor
bullet  How We Saw the World  by C.J. Taylor
bullet  I Once Knew an Indian Woman  by Ebbitt Cutler, illustrations by Bruce Johnson
bullet  Little Water and the Gift of the Animals  by C.J. Taylor
bullet  The Messenger of Spring  by C.J. Taylor
bullet  The Monster From the Swamp  by C.J. Taylor
bullet  Mounds of Earth and Shell  by Bonnie Shemie
bullet  The Ojibway Dream  by Arthur Shilling
bullet  The Secret of the White Buffalo  by C.J. Taylor
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